Monday, 13 January 2014

Reading for Pleasure

I've been shamefully neglecting this blog for quite a while, yet I don't want to close it as it's good to have one dedicated to only children's, tween and YA books and writing and it's a change from my main blog at reading and writing.

So, in between interviewing any new/good authors I happen across for this age group, I'll try and post something about the novels for young people I've read and enjoyed - not from my childhood, although that's another possible idea, but books by modern authors. Recently, I decided to get back to more reading for the pure pleasure of it and not for any kind of research, although we always absorb a certain amount of information and styles of writing while we read. And I've discovered I love reading YA books at the moment - not least because of the number being made into films.

I'll start gathering my list together and will hopefully post them, one at a time, on a Friday. Just need to remember to do it! Maybe we'll even get some kind of discussion going here soon. The great picture at the top is by an illustrator friend, Mandy Sinclair, who gave our writing group this a few years ago to inspire a children's story - I'm still working on mine!


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  1. There are so many great YA books around just now! And love Mandy's illustration