Monday, 16 September 2013

Featured Author: Pam Kelt

A warm welcome to multi-talented British author, Pam Kelt, who is sharing the inspiration behind her new YA fantasy novel, Ice Trekker, although this will appeal to all ages! First a little about the story. What a great cover, Pam.

Ice Trekker

The Grells of Hinderland are facing a bleak future.

Supplies of Blackfrost, their one remaining fuel source, have run out. Food is scarce, jobs are hard to find and worse … the greedy Minax are poised to invade from the south.
For the sake of his family, young Midge leaves home and treks north to the frozen wastes of Krønagar, an uncharted land to the north, in search of work. Set upon by thieves, he ends up as dogsbody on the Ice Trekker, a small, shabby cargo vessel that runs into trouble from the start.

Despite evil omens in the sky, monsters from the deep, desperate sea battles, treachery on board and a constant war with the worsening weather, the plucky crew members press north …

But Midge soon discovers that the Ice Trekker is not what it seems. The crew has a secret mission to save the Grells – and Hinderland – from doom.

Trapped by ruthless Minax, he and the crew end up risking all in a desperate battle for survival as they take on a mysterious quest in the icy wastes of Krønagar.

Monsters. Myths. Mayhem. What else does icy Krønagar have in store for Midge and the crew?

Ice Trekker is available now from MuseItUp Publishing; Amazon UK and Amazon US

Inspiration Behind the Story



My husband was invited to Tromsø in northern Norway as an external examiner for the university chemistry department. I wangled my way along as I’d always wanted to see the place. It was stunning, from the quaint harbour and weatherboard boathouses to the vast, snow-topped mountains that overlooked the city. Our hosts took us around the region, and the power of the scenery was almost overwhelming. Later, as I trudged around the museums, I began to appreciate the extraordinary history of the place as the starting point for many a Polar expedition as explorers would prepare for the journey north to Svalbard (formely Spitsbergen). A story began to form in my head, set in a 16/17th-century alternative world, featuring a marathon trek across the icy wastelands.

When I got home, I began to do some research, and got caught up the old Nordic sagas. Animals are prominent in the tales and so instead of regular human characters, I devised the loveable Grells, mongrel-like humanoids long descended from their canine ancestors. Their enemy is the Minax (a corruption of Manx cat, those extraordinary felines with no tail), plus a plethora of monsters all based on the real creatures that populate Scandinavian legend. Quite a mix, but I think it works.

About Pam

With a background in journalism, languages and educational publishing, it was inevitable that I would eventually say to heck with a career and try writing for myself. After a few years of trying out different styles, I landed six book deals in as many months and declared myself reinvented. Just as well, as it’s the ideal way to combat empty nest syndrome now that my daughter is at the University of Edinburgh doing History of Art.

Three titles are for adults (Dark Interlude and Half Life with MuseItUp and Tomorrow’s Anecdote with Crooked Cat). Botanical mystery The Lost Orchid (YA/NA) is scheduled for an autumn release at Bluewood Publishing, along with two teen fantasy adventures, Ice Trekker and The Cloud Pearl, part one of Legends of Liria (both with MuseItUp). I now write full-time. I live in leafy Warwickshire, England, with my academic husband Robert (with whom I collaborated on Half Life, a ‘noir’ thriller set in 1936) and our two daft dogs. My favourite pastimes, apart from writing, are watching movies, trying not to overwater my windowsill orchids and keeping up with best teen fantasy fiction around.

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Many thanks for being my guest, Pam!



  1. Pam, your book sounds exciting! Great premise! Interesting your trip to Norway was the inspiration. Best wishes!

    Susan Bernhardt
    The Ginseng Conspiracy coming 1/14

    1. Hi Susan - many thanks for commenting!

    2. Hi, Susan,
      I do love to travel, especially to places a little off the beaten track. And taking my camera is a must!

      Our next trip is Berlin. It's actually to help with a sequel that my husband Rob and I are writing together - a 1930s thriller. Hoping for great things - and a break!

      Thanks for your wishes,

  2. Hey, Rosemary and Pam. Late arriving. Wonderful cover, Pam. Good luck getting the word out. Sounds like an interesting story.

    1. Hi, Marsha,
      Lovely of you to drop by. I'm thrilled with the cover. In fact, I've just started working with Marion on another one for a forthcoming YA series, Legends of Liria. She's a delight to work with.

      Thanks for your good wishes. Fingers crossed.

  3. Wow, how fascinating. Looks like a wonderful read for the history and the research you did, Pam, plus the adventure itself. I love the cover. Good luck with the novel.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Lorrie!

    2. Hi, Lorrie,
      I hope it'll be as much to read as it was to write. I love the research side of things, which is probably why I love museums, the quirkier the better!

      I have a soft spot for adventure stories. Something to do with being raised on a diet of John Buchan and Rider Haggard.

      Thanks for your good wishes,

  4. And a big thanks to Rosemary for inviting me to her lovely YA site.

    Best wishes