Monday, 3 June 2013

Featured Author: Charmaine Clancy

A warm welcome to Australian author, Charmaine Clancy, who has come all the way across the world  to tell us the inspiration behind her tween mystery novel, Dognapped?, which is set around the world of dog shows. I love this whole idea! First a little about the book.


One dog found
One dog stolen
A mysterious will
All this equals murder!

Introducing Kitty Walker and her mischievous dog Spade in the first Dog Show Detective Mystery: Twelve year old Kitty, friendless bookworm and amateur sleuth. All she wants is to gain her mother's attention, spend time with Spade and avoid Miss Perfect, Jessica Jones. But now she needs Jessica's help to find the owner of a lost dog, hunt down a dognapper and solve a murder!
Will you solve the mystery before Kitty?

Dognapped? is available from Amazon UK and Amazon US.


We're a very doggy family. I've often taken my girls out to visit dog shows, and my eldest took a fleeting interest in junior handling. While I was wandering about one of these shows, watching the owners prepping their dogs, it occurred to me that this would be a great location for a murder (although I think this about almost every place we go). I was a big mystery buff as a kid, Trixie Beldon's series being my favourite. I wanted to try my hand at crafting a mystery novel for girls and knew it would have to include dogs. All my stories include dogs, they just have a way of wriggling themselves in.

Brisbane author Charmaine Clancy loves to create characters for mystery, fantasy and adventure. When not explaining the dangers of underestimating a fairy or the best spots to hide a body, Charmaine tutors English and runs creative writing courses for kids. She loves all things Agatha Christie and is often watching those around her with suspicious eyes; on the off chance they ever do commit a cleverly devised crime. Her works include My Zombie Dog and Dognapped? A Dog Show Detective Mystery.

You can find out more about Charmaine on her dream... write... publish blog.

Thanks for having me on Flights of Imagination Rosemary, it's been a pleasure!

You're most welcome, Charmaine!


  1. How awesome to appear on your blog Rosemary - great job and THANK YOU!

  2. Sounds like a lovely story, Charmaine!

  3. Thanks so much for being here, Charmaine. All the best with your writing.

    Thanks for dropping in, Vikki!