Monday, 6 May 2013

Featured Author: J.D. Pooker

A warm welcome to children’s author, J.D. Pooker who is visiting us from America with her intriguingly titled book, The Ifs. J.D. tells us about the inspiration behind the story. Thanks for coming over, J.D.

The Ifs

Landon and Broden don’t get along very well. As brothers, they spend most of their day fighting with each other or plotting ways to get revenge. Then, strange things start happening, such as homework being mysteriously finished and clothes being put away in the hamper. 

The brothers want to share their weird experiences, but they don’t know if they can trust each other. Then, when a tiny, six-inch tall man asks them to help him fight a battle, they’ll have to put their grudges away and learn how to work together. Can they face their fears and figure out what it takes to be brave?

Inspiration Behind the Story

My sons, Landon and Broden, were the inspiration for this story. While they are not quite as old as the characters in the book, they enjoy camping, fishing, and snowmobiling with us as a family. They also enjoy wrestling, playing their Wii, playing with their toy guns and bows and arrows, and playing with their pets.

The Ifs is available from Little Devil Books, Amazon US and Amazon UK

J.D. Pooker lives in wonderful Wyoming with her husband and two sons, along with a black lab named Ryder and a sweet kitty named Alia. J.D. likes to spend time with her family on all the outdoor pursuits above. She can’t wait until her boys get older as she is sure they will have many fabulous adventures.


  1. Thank you so much for having me today! I appreciate the spotlight!

  2. I love hearing the inspiration behind the stories. Our children certainly give us ideas, don't they? Congratulations on your book. Best of luck to you.

    1. Many thanks for commenting, Beverly!

  3. Great title and cover. Seems like the sort of book I'd have enjoyed as a kid.

  4. This is the kind of stories I love, still now....