Monday, 29 April 2013

Featured Author: Jack Hastie

A warm welcome to writing colleague and children’s author, Jack Hastie, who tells us about the inspiration behind his intriguing debut novel, Fraser’s Voices.

Fraser’s Voices
Set in Argyll in theWestHighlands of Scotland, Fraser’s Voices tells the story of ten year old Fraser who suddenly discovers that he can speak to animals.This gift is associated with a mystery illness – “tumblings of the mind” – and when this goes into remission, his unusual ability fades too.

The book is split into five sections, each beginning with the onset or recurrence of the illness and ending with a temporary cure and the loss of his gift. His voice introduces him to friends like One-eye the fox, Barook the badger and Nephesh the owl. These new friends lead him into a series of adventures where Fraser and his friends have to solve a problem and face great danger: a murderous intruder, toxic pollution of burns, rabies, a forest fire. But what will happen when he can no longer talk to the animal friends he has come to know and love?

Inspiration behind the Book

Fraser’s Voices was inspired by a number of factors, primarily my lifelong interest in animals and telling stories to my grandchildren. I was greatly inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, and the Benderloch district of Argyll in Scotland, where I holidayed as a child and which forms the setting for my book. This is the story I would love to have read as a child.

Fraser’s Voices is available from Troubador in print and ebook, and from Amazon

Jack Hastie is a retired Scottish lecturer. He has previously self-published two collections of short stories for children. He is married and has four grandchildren, who have inspired much of his writing, and has been the owner of several large dogs, who have also been inspirational.
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  1. Congratulations, Jack, on the publication of Fraser's Voices. I'm looking forward to reading it.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, Joan!

  3. Good luck with the sales,Jack!