Thursday, 21 February 2013

Updates and Resources

I was delighted to receive the first edits for my new tween book, The Jigsaw Puzzle, which is coming soon from MuseItUp Publishing! I love the editing stage as it means the book is completed and I now get the valuable advice and corrections from a professional editor to make it even better.

I've neglected this blog a little, in favour of my main readingandwriting blog, but I'm going to start a new series here from Monday 25th February. Each Monday, for as long as I have material, I'll be featuring a children's, tween/MG, or YA author and book. Even if I haven't yet read some of the books myself, it's a good way to find out what's actually being published and will provide a To be Read list for me and anyone else reading or writing for these age groups.

So please watch out for the first feature on Monday. And if you're a children's writer, please feel free to contact me if you want to feature on the blog.

Meanwhile, here's a link to a great list of web resources on writing for children on Maggie Lyons blog.



  1. Look forward to seeing what books will be featured!

  2. Thanks for coming over, Vikki - it's quite a selection!