Monday, 7 January 2013

Helping Reluctant Readers

I've just read an excellent post by Charmaine Clancy about writing for reluctant readers and I thought I'd share a link to it here. Charmaine gives some good advice on how to encourage children to read, over on her Wagging Tales blog. Watch out for part two of her advice coming soon.

One British publisher that has been encouraging all kinds of reluctant readers for many years is Barrington Stoke and it is well worth a look if you fancy tackling this market, or even for some good tips on making reading more accessible for all children.



  1. This is very interesting Rosemary, as my sister-in-law's son is a reluctant reader even though he's a bright boy. I'll take a look and pass on the info to her.

    Thank you. Ange xx

  2. Hi Ange - thanks for commenting. Glad it might be of some use!