Sunday, 15 April 2012

Quiz Answers and Winners!

Once again, I'd like to thank every single person who came to my online launch party on Friday for making it such a huge success. I greatly appreciate the time you took to leave comments, and thank you to everyone who bought  a copy of Summer of the Eagles. I do hope you enjoy it! Thanks to you, at one point it reached the children's top 100 best seller charts on Amazon UK (at #11) and US (at #17)! A wonderful achievement and I'm so humbled by it.

Thanks, too, for joining in the fun quizzes. I've put the name of the birds below their pictures on the launch party post, if you haven't already identified them. The plants are thistle and heather - as some of you correctly guessed.

The three main kinds of eagle are: golden eagle, sea eagle, and bald eagle - although there many more lesser known varieties, or eagle-type birds of prey.

The results of the kind of bird we are, for those who took part in that quiz:
6 eagles (yay!); 6 owls; 4 doves; 3 swans; 2 parrots - what a lovely lot!

Favourite islands to visit include: Prince Edward Island; Easter Island; Avalon; Barra; Uist; Skye; Harris; Corfu - and any Scottish island (yay!)

Lots of Scottish food and drink mentioned: haggis (with neeps and tatties); whisky; Dundee cake; shortbread; tattie scones; bridies; cranachan; tablet; cullen skink; Arbroath smokies; irn bru; curry (which is one of the most popular here now); fish and chips; deep fried Mars bars (which I've never seen!).

And now for the winner of the voucher, with my husband's help! So many people took the trouble to comment that I'm awarding one to both sides of the Atlantic. The £10 Amazon voucher goes to Joanna Campbell, and the $15 Amazon voucher goes to Cathy Coburn. Please get in touch (in case I don't have your details) on ros_gemmell(at)hotmail(dot)com so I can email the voucher to you. 

Love and thanks to one and all!


  1. So sorry I didn't make it to your launch party, Rosemary. Have just got back from a stint in the Highlands. I see, however, that 111 people did manage to drop by and I hope you had a wonderful time. Wishing you all the success in the world.

  2. Helo Sara - lucky you, up in the Highlands! That's so kind of you to drop in to wish me well - thank you so much. It was fun!

  3. Congrats to all the winners :)

  4. Belated thanks, Rosemary. I'm delighted! Internet problems have prevented me keeping up with my favourite blogs and I've really missed you all. x

  5. Glad you finally got reconnected in some way, Joanne!