Saturday, 31 March 2012

Using Imagination

On my main blog, I was talking about a lovely walk we had last weekend through a local country estate's beautiful woods and how inspirational it was being in such surroundings. It's a magical place for children, with all the hidden paths and woodland assault course. I took lots of photos and it struck me that one of them might be good for inspiring someone's creativity.

So have a good look at this photo and see if it might spark an idea for a children's story. I'm not even going to mention what this - you decide!

I'd love to know if it leads to anything eventually being published. I might give it a go myself.



  1. I'm not sure I could write a children's story based around this photo but it might spark off an idea for another type of story so I'll lodge it in my memory!

  2. Good on you, Vikki - let me know if it does!

  3. What an interesting picture. I love walking in the woos too! Happy Easter to you and yours, and congratulations on your laterst release!

  4. Thanks a lot for you comment, Lyn!