Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Addams Family

Uncle Fester and Lurch

Google is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Charles Addams, creator of the wonderfully macabre Addam's family, with one of their brilliant cartoon drawings.

Although more recent film versions were made of The Addams Family, it reminds me of the original black & white television series in the 1960s, when I was a child. My mother obviously discovered it first and gradually allowed my brother and I to stay up and watch it. She even wrote a letter to one of the newspapers asking them to show it earlier in the evening as it was obviously a comedy, albeit a macabre one.

I absolutely loved it, right from the catchy theme tune, with the clicking fingers, to the bizarre family with their penchant for all things creepy. What child wouldn't enjoy watching the unsmiling six year old daughter, Wednesday, and her slightly older brother, Pugsley, finding ever more extreme methods of torture for their 'play time'. Then there was the impossibly glamorous mother, Morticia, and her handsome husband, Gomez, who remained passionately in love, and the Frankenstein-like figure of long-suffering butler, Lurch. And we can't forget the loveable but strange Uncle Fester. But it was Thing, the disembodied hand that suddenly appeared and often ran along surfaces, that thrilled in a slightly more scary way.

Great days of black and white television programmes!



  1. I also loved the films with Anjelica Huston!

  2. Thanks for the memory, I used to love the Addams Family on TV too.

  3. I loved it too. Especially Thing...and wasn't there a cousin It?

  4. Yes, they were good, Vikki!

    It's great to remember these old programmes, isn't it, Paula!

    Yes! I forgot about Cousin It, Rosalie!

  5. You reminded me that my dad used to wriggle his fingers along the table towards me, pretending that he was Thing! It was funny and scary at the same time! Happy memories! xx

  6. Love the post, and this Google doodle was awesome, I have it screencapped as my desktop now. I’ve been a huge fan of the Addams family ever since I was a little kid. I just love the show, and even the movies were great, and the video games like Fester’s Quest. The show is sometimes hard to find on TV and boxed sets of DVD’s can be an arm and a leg which is why I watch it at DISHOnline…they have over 125 episodes that I can enjoy at my own pace and my regular account gives me free access as a customer/employee.

  7. That's funny, Ange - thanks for that memory!

    Thanks for your comment, elias26.