Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Cuddly Teddy Bear

He's not just for Christmas, but for life. Most children are given a cuddly teddy bear at some time in their lives - when a baby or young child, although I don't remember having one myself. But I do now - my little P.B. with his stripy pyjamas and quirky smile! More than any other toy, a bear usually becomes a trusted friend from that moment on. Teddy bears still make me go 'aw', and I remember the lovely little white bear my daughter received as a baby. From the smallest bear to the largest, they are just so furry, cute and cuddly!

No wonder bears appear often in children's fiction. One of my own children's favourite bedtime stories was Paddington Bear, and he is still one of my favourite bears. From his little duffle coat, hat and boots, to the fact he was left at Paddington station with a card round his neck, Paddington Bear was just so funny and loveable through his many adventures.

Then there is Rupert Bear, who began life much earlier, in 1920, as a story character in the Daily Express newspaper, and in anthologies from the 1930s. In his distinctive red jumper and yellow checked trousers and scarf, Rupert is instantly recognisable and still lives in timeless Nutwood. Another favourite bear is Winnie-the-Pooh, or Pooh Bear, created by A A Milne in 1926. Pooh's friend, Christopher Robin, was named after the author's son. The series was eventually made into Disney films.

And of course, the teddy bear himself was so named when the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, spared the life of a small bear cub while on a hunting trip. After the incident was immortalised in a cartoon placed next to a toy bear cub in a New York shop window, the bear was soon named a 'teddy' after the President. And the cuddly teddy bear was born!



  1. I still have the Teddy Bear I got for my 4th birthday (a LONG time ago!). I really loved that bear. He growled when you pressed his tummy. Now he's almost hairless and has lost his growl, but I could never bear (pardon the pun) to get rid of him.

  2. Lovely post, Ros. I still have my old Teddy, too - plus quite a number of younger furry animals of various kinds I've accumulated over the years.

  3. He sounds lovely, Paula, and of course you can't get rid of him!

    Hi Rosalie - thank you! There's just something about teddies that appeals to us all.

  4. I still have teddy bears I was given as a child, including one my granny made me.

  5. Hi Patsy - thanks for following and commenting! That sounds lovely - maybe you could post a photo of them on your blog sometime.

  6. Paddington was my favourite bear!

  7. I loved this Rosemary. My grandson would not go anywhere overnight without his Paddington and my granddaughter still keeps hers on her bed. In fact I could tell you a story too long for here.
    Thank you for bringing back memories. I have an ancient Rupert Bear Annual - too battered to be of monetary value but there are more important values

  8. I remember that, Vikki!

    Thank you, Gwen. I love Paddington too - and how wonderful to have an old Rupert Bear Annual. Definitely one to keep in the family.

  9. Hi Rosemary,

    Just wanted to say I have the exact same bear! I love my P.B bear, I've had him since I was little and he still sits on my bed now I'm nearly 23 :)